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Our new world requires different leadership approaches.  

For the past 100 years, the nonprofit mission was sufficient to support continued operation and growth.  In our past the "why" and the "how" were intrinsically linked to government funding. As our field moves away from government contracts promising stable income towards a more retail, performance based environment our "how" is changing. 

This is generational change, where strong nonprofits will be more and more supported by value based purchasing, performance contracts and managed care.  The shift from providing services to delivering outcomes (value) represents a change in our social contract with nonprofits.

Delivering solutions with strategy and operational know-how.

Our clients rely on us for...


Nonprofit Business Intelligence

You decide where we focus our experience and tools such as the Nonprofit Vector Scan®.  You may want to know where your agency stands in terms of material strengths and weaknesses.  Perhaps you are considering a strategic affliation or merger and would like insights into the operation and reputation of your potential partner.  Payors looking for quality insights into anchor providers find our tools and capability valuable.  

Improvement in service delivery

Through coaching, presentations, strategic training, count on us to work with you to understand your goals for improvement, to build a solution framework and to see-you-through the process. 

Exceeding their expectations

We always aim to exceed our client's expectations in terms of work quality, timelines, reliability and relationship.  

Implementation of New Business LInes

Whether considering adding a new health or human service-line or converting the entire operation to value-based payments, we help our clients every step of the way.  

Subject Matter Expert COnsultation and Project Management

If you have a special interest commission, multi-million dollar project or a short-term process improvement, we can deliver the results you are looking for on-time and within budget.  We bring creativity, personalized-approaches and a strong network of contacts to your project. 

Experience in the Field

We bring a top-notch team of people with a century of combined experience.

Being small enough to give personal attention

We are not a big-box consultation firm.  This gives us the flexibility and space to work with smaller nonprofits or to play small roles in big project.  


Many nonprofits started out as religious organizations or settlement houses doing “God’s Work.” In the 1960’s President Johnson created a need for nonprofit expansion and role change with the advent of the Great Society. As government-extenders, nonprofits began to do “Government’s Work.” Our pursuit of the Triple Aim today is leading to a more retail approach to health and human services. Nonprofits today need to move from doing God’s Work or Government’s Work to Retail.
— Kristin Woodlock


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